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November 16

Spiritual Wisdom on Life After Death

7:30–8:30 P.M.
Dial-in telephone number: 712–832–08300
Access code: 784623, spells Sugmad on your keypad

Life after Death

"Death is a doorway, a transition into the inner worlds," writes Sri Harold Klemp." Births and deaths mark the journey of Soul.  The translation or movement from one state of experience to another is but a further step on Soul's journey home to God."  Do you know someone struggling with the loss of a loved one—family member, pet, or friend?  Or with their own mortality?  Spiritual Wisdom on Life after Death offers answers to the eternal questions about what's beyond this life.

This seventh book in Sri Harold’s Spiritual Wisdom series offers techniques to experience heaven in this lifetime, practical spiritual guidance in times of grief, and new insights on reuniting with departed loved ones.

December 21

ECK Wisdom on Inner Guidance

ECK Wisdom on Inner Wisdom booklet

Help can come as a nudge, a dream, a vision, or a quiet voice within you. This book offers new ways to connect with the ever-present guidance of ECK, the Holy Spirit.

Each story, technique, and spiritual exercise in this new book by Sri Harold Klemp, who is known as the pioneer of everyday spirituality, is a doorway to greater confidence and love for life.

Discover how to listen to the Voice of God, attune to your true self, work with your inner guidance, and benefit from dreams, waking dreams, and Golden-tongued Wisdom.  Tap into your divinely inspired creativity to solve problems.

Open your heart, and let God's Voice speak to you!

You are warmly invited to join us as we discuss this eighth booklet in Sri Harold Klemp's Spiritual Wisdom series. Tap into the wisdom contained within your own heart.

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