EK Eckankar Alaska Teleconference

Event and Date Time and Location

  ECK Light and Sound Services

2nd Sunday

For Alaskans only, please.

9:30–10:30 a.m.

Come as early as 9:15 to visit if you'd like.

Dial (605) 475-5950.  When prompted, enter the access code 9677447 (spells worship).  For more information, please email your inquiry to Zane at SpiritualServices 'at' eckalaska.org.

  • September 10

    How Does Love Give Purpose to Our Lives?

    "God's love is a wonderful thing.  It shows up in people we love, in the animals, birds, and other pets we have that we love.  It shows up in all different ways in what we love.  In case you haven't discovered it, the whole purpose in living, the whole purpose of God's plan, is so each of us—you and you and you—learn how to love.  That's it.

    "And love begins where?  It begins with those who are near and dear to us.  If we can't love them, how are we ever going to love God?  And before you can love those who are near and dear to you, you've got to learn to love yourself."

    —Harold Klemp,How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times, p. 221

  • October 8

    How Dreams Bring Us Closer to God

    "Why do we dream?  Why is it important to dream?  Because dreaming comes from the creative imagination, which is God’s gift to you and to me.  It is the nature of immortal Soul to dream.  This is why your dreams, both in everyday life and while asleep, are so important.

    "Through your ability to dream, you often have experiences in the other worlds where you act as an observer.  But as you move farther along in ECK, you become the participant in your dreams.  You become the actor.

    "You begin to see goals, spiritual goals which may be as valid as finding a home for your family.  You want a place where they can be happy, a haven away from the fast pace of today’s society. You create a warm place where friends are welcome.

    "It’s a place where you can go, a home, a spiritual dream.  Because as we plan our homes, whether it’s a rented home or one we buy, we’re just thinking of a higher home.  It’s the home of Soul.  The place where Soul has come from, from the heart of God in the Ocean of Love and Mercy.

    "Dream.  Dream your way home.  Dream your way back to God.  Use your creative imagination, because that’s the only way you can return to the source of all life."

    —Harold Klemp, The Dream Master, pp. 219-20

  • November 12

    Taking the Next Step Spiritually

    "The final destination for Soul is not to become a perfected being in the absolute sense.  In ECK we know that the process of perfection goes on and on.  You become the best that you can be in your life today, thereby laying the groundwork for tomorrow.  This is what the path of ECK shows you.

    "This is not something that can be accomplished through mental exercises or exertion of willpower.  It comes through the discipline of divine love.  By opening our heart to Divine Spirit, which is the ECK, we allow ourself to become an instrument for It and Its ways."

    —Harold Klemp, Unlocking the Puzzle Box, p. 247

  • December 10

    When God Calls, Are You Listening?

    "Those who are familiar with the ways of ECK know that It does not always speak to us in a lofty manner.  It often brings us insights through something more down to earth, like a pet.  Because of this, we may have a harder time figuring out the spiritual lesson behind the experience.

    "In your everyday life, if there is an incident that is out of the ordinary, that upsets you greatly, disturbs you, or makes you unusually happy, you can be sure that behind the experience is a lesson the Mahanta is trying to bring across to you.  The Mahanta is trying to give you some revelation about yourself; otherwise that experience would not have happened to you.

    "When something like this occurs, try to see beyond the curtain that hides the meaning of what is going on.  The Master is trying to bring you a truth, to give you a little bit more knowledge of your spiritual personality. He’s trying to show you who and what you are."

    —Harold Klemp, The Eternal Dreamer, p. 136

The ECK Light and Sound services celebrate Soul's connection with Holy Spirit, also known as ECK.  Holy Spirit, or God's Voice, constantly speaks to each of us via the Light and Sound, the twin pillars of God in expression.

During the service, we listen to a short reading from the ECK writings related to the day's topic and then sing HU (pronounced "hue") with love.  The HU, a sacred love song to God, is followed by a short contemplation.  After that, we listen to a brief story related to the day's subject progressing to an open discussion on the spiritual principles.

If you want to learn how to open your heart to divine love and recognize God's voice when It speaks through Its twin aspects, the Light and Sound, or share your own experiences with Holy Spirit, please join us.  You can explore the wonders of HU, discover how singing HU with love can expand your awareness, bring peace and calmness during times of stress or grief, or help heal a broken heart.

Harold Klemp, as quoted from above, is the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.  He has the special ability to act as both an inner and outer spiritual guide and teaches anyone who asks.  He is given respect, but is not worshipped.

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